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A Soul Therapist™ is a professionally trained evolutionary educator supporting the eradication of pain and suffering from within the human condition. This “conditioning” creates neuronal signalling molecules that influence the activity of the brain in a negative way, suppressing a human being’s ability to be in flow, harmony and feel secure and safe inside her body. Stress, anxiety and disassociation are the primary key factors. In today’s society all three of these are considered a normal part of life, they aren’t. They have been conditioned into your biology via the neurotransmitters in your brain to create a peptide that is an unconscious behaviour and pattern. There is a spectrum of opposites working here, as there are healthy and positive peptides that can become awakened and conscious, overriding the unconscious aspects of a conditioned state, pattern or learned behaviour.

Do You Ever Find Yourself Asking This Question? 2017-02-03T12:03:25+00:00

“Why do I continue to find myself repeating the same patterns and behaviours?”

Here are some areas that the unconscious human conditioning shows up in daily life.

1. Financial situation, lack of income to support your desires and fulfill your dreams. Past behaviours of family relationship and past life memories to money influences the relationship today. Lack of self worth to receive.

2. Toxic relationships, abuse, trauma, rejection, lack of love, self image, self worth.

3. Mental uncertainty and confusion, lack of clarity about your future, inability to let go of past experiences that are negative, uncertain of your purpose, constant negative thoughts and/or images filling up your mind, mental influx of incoming information adds confusion and lack of focus, mental distractions diverting the experience of a peaceful mind.

4. Physical issues, inconsistent diets, body issues, organ failures, lethargy and lack of balance within your body, hormonal imbalances, cancer.

5. Emotionally unstable, mood swings are common, emotional outbursts, sadness and anger play a key part in creating a diversion to consistently experiencing inner harmony. Disconnected to your emotions, people and the world around you.

What Happens During a Soul Therapy Session? 2017-02-03T11:58:36+00:00

A Licensed Soul Therapist™ has been trained to use a unique language sequencing to elevate the embodiment of your consciousness, thus shifting the relationship and vibration to the core conditioning. There are six sessions, each sixty minutes over a six week period to bring you to wholeness and completion

Working with a Licensed Soul Therapist™ will enable you to see where and why you are stuck, the core issue that has and is repeating itself throughout your lifetimes and the clarity of Soul perspective that your Licensed Soul Therapist™ will provide for you. She will empower you with a safe, nurturing and compassionate presence, listening to your body’s wisdom to reveal the truth of your situation. Working with a Soul Therapist™ will allow you to embody your spiritual gifts and open you up to experiencing first hand how powerful you are while clearing mental patterns that sabotage your success, the emotional triggers that keep you playing small and the physical unhealthy boundaries that keep you attracting the same relationships repeatedly. Gaining insight while working with a Licensed Soul Therapist™ will give you peace of mind, deep connection to your power, enable you to embody and ground into your physical body and to love yourself in a whole new way.

Is Soul Therapy Right For You? 2017-02-03T12:04:24+00:00

Are you yearning to break free of the shell that has held you back far too long and in so many ways that you are now ready to be supported and held to courageously walk onto your path in an awakened and empowered way giving you the freedom you have often felt and desired?

Have you been saying to yourself:

If only… When I… I am not allowed… I can’t… I don’t have…

and your done with that old story of lack and limitation, desperately wanting to break free of the shackles that have been holding you back so you can live your life of purpose?

You might of said yes, nodding your head at every sentence you have seen here, knowing at the pit of your stomach you can no longer turn away or avert your heart from the depth of knowing that this is the perfect training for you to step out of your past and step into your future.


Milla Andersson is a Licensed Soul Therapist at Soul Therapy School, responsible for Soul Therapy Sweden, with a private practice in Stockholm supporting women and youth internationally who desire personal and professional freedom.

Soul Therapy is a therapeutic approach to understanding the human experience by embracing wholeness within your body, mind, spirit and emotional body from the Soul level; developed and created by Deborah Skye King, founder of Soul Therapy School®, with a global initiative to empower women who desire freedom by grounding in ancient heart wisdom through evolutionary education for the Soul.

A Licensed Soul Therapist provides a sacred space for your soul to communicate your truth. The wisdom of your soul is stored in the cellular memory of the soul body of each individual. To attain that wisdom, one must become grounded in their human experience by evolving past their conditioning and embody their Spiritual essence, this is who you are.

In each Soul Therapist Session, focus will be placed upon one specific energy body beginning with your emotional body and completing with your soul body. A Soul Therapist Session consists of six 60-minute sessions that are spaced out one week from the other over a six week period to receive the greatest results.

In each of your Soul Therapist sessions, you will be supported to uncover and discover core truths that have been hidden from your awareness and how these unconscious aspects have shown up throughout your life as self sabotage, repeated unhealthy patterns and behaviours, toxic relationships with intimacy, family, friends and finances. By utilizing the teachings and teachings provided by the Soul Therapist, you will recognize the unconscious and subconscious patterns that have run and are currently sabotaging your desired outcomes.

Your sessions are dedicated to liberating your current or past unconscious conditioning by bringing awareness to the wholeness that already exists within you.

Milla will support you in each of your sessions to release those parts of you that are stuck, blocked or stagnant with a therapeutic approach to wholeness. Soul Therapist Sessions enhance your life, open up your awareness to self love, inherent gifts and latent talents that your Soul Therapist will guide you to bring out, fully living from your truth. An overall sense of wholeness and completeness within oneself is experienced. These sessions are life changing.

Milla is dedicated to serving women who feel stuck and enslaved in their own homes and family situation. They feel like they are smothered due to not expressing their spirit and living in a joyous and supportive atmosphere. They are overwhelmed with daily tasks and serving others, with no ‘me’ time and are extremely tired. They wish they could work from home or on their own project or business. They do not value or love themselves enough and feel unappreciated and misunderstood from their partner, family and friends.

They are looking to feel joy and excitement in what they do, to feel focused on a project or goal that they feel is very much in alignment to her joy. She would love to express herself in a way that would attract a healthy relationship, receive verification, gratitude and confirmation that she is not alone and that she is the amazingly beautiful and kind soul she deep inside knows she is.

Milla’s passion for wholeness in healing all aspects of one’s life has brought her to honour her deepest truth, to serve women internationally to be their most authentic selves. She supports her clients to experience a greater sense of personal awareness, leading to clarity and truth of oneself with self love, confidence and building their dream life in business and personal relationships. The compassion and professional support Milla provides while serving women and youth who desire to break free of limiting conditions that stop them from living their truth is incredible.

You are welcome to receive a complimentary 20-minute Soul Therapist Consultation with Milla to discover how she can support you in awakening your authentic self. Please bring any questions about your life direction, your challenges, our programs and anything else that you may find of significance to your call.

I look forward to meeting you.  

Milla Andersson                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
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